Finding the right fit and fabric

Equally as important as selecting a Bikini or trunks colour is ensuring you have the right fabric and fit for your body.

Buying Second hand

I’m not a fan of girls purchasing second hand bikinis unless they have been purchased from a bikini designer. However, if a competitor is prepared to buy second hand and have them altered by an experienced bikini designer who knows what we require in a bodybuilding competition then go for it but a custom made bikini is a lot nicer as it is made for your height, measurements and the shape of your body.

Your bikini should and will fit like a glove. Just because your friend is also a size 10 does not mean you purchase hers. I’ve very rarely ever seen second hand bikinis look good on the buyer. They may look okay, but we want yours to look outstanding.

Ordering Timeframe

Don’t order your bikini too early but do communicate with your bikini designer well in advance. Get together with her for discussion on style, fabric, price then get your choice of fabric put aside early so you lessen the chance of settling for whatever is left in the busy months leading up to competitions. Don’t forget to get a quote on the bikini and begin to budget for it straight away. You can be sure that by the time you get to competition you may wish you actually put more money aside for it.

Purchasing Fabric

A good idea is to purchase fabric online internationally and have it sent to you. You are best to order 1 metre of 2 way stretch fabric or I would order several or more variations of fabric since you are paying international postage, then you can sell the off after you have chosen. You can also sell the extra .5 metres of your choice after the completion. Keeping your spare fabric until after the competition will ensure that nobody else has your fabric.

Bikini Design

Research what you like and what you want with your bikini design. You need to be comfortable in it and you need to love it, not just settle with it. As with your hair & makeup, your bikini needs to be perfect for you to be confident with your overall presentation. You do not want to be pulling at your top and pulling at your bikini bottom on stage to keep them in place. If you are not being fitted by the bikini designer herself, then get somebody you really trust to do your measurements. You CANNOT do them yourself. Browse the sites and look at your different options in the bottoms and tops and note how the different cuts look on different physiques. If you are still really stuck, then go to a trainer who is experienced in taking competitors through competitions and pay for their knowledge and advice.

Bikini Fashion Trends

Costume fashion comes and goes. Years ago everybody wore padded underwired bikini tops but now with the increase of breast implants in the fitness world, we see more and more girls with the triangle cups which in my opinion look much better and they do not cause the problem of the top gapping as the poses are being hit. Nowadays the bikini bottoms are getting smaller. A new comer will often freak at the “smallness” of the bottoms but nothing looks worse on stage than a huge amount of fabric on a competitor’s behind. It actually makes the glute’s appear much wider and larger than they actually are, and in photos - well photos already add inches so they look even worse than in life... So ideally a smaller bikini pant is better but you have to work damn hard to get those glutes shaped up to the max. One word on Thongs/ g strings... In my opinion, nobody should wear one. I’ve never seen one on the competition stage which looks good, even on the little tight butted girls. They simply don’t look nice, they don’t look sexy and they add no advantage to the competitor at all. your social media marketing partner