Costume Designers

I have been looked after by ever since I started competing over 20 years ago. They are a Christchurch based company but design bikinis/trunks for competitors all over the world. I’m proud to say that they have never failed to design anything for me which has not fitted me perfectly and when I have worn their designs internationally I have been asked time and time again where I had my bikinis made. The cut of the costumes are perfect and they have an expert eye for individual physiques, what suits each physique, and how to bring out the best in a competitor. Online ordering is simple, but precise and I have only ever had to send one back for a competitor to be adjusted in 20 years. For the cost of a cheap flight to Christchurch I would recommend flying down for a trip to be fitted for your first one. It would only add $150.00 to the cost of the bikini or the other way is they can make a mock up version, and courier it to you for a fitting.. Either way I highly recommend them.

Another Bikini designer is Ali Gascoine from Pukekohe. She unfortunately does not have a website but you can contact her on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ali does some wonderful designs and she also stocks competition shoes, hair extensions and other accessories. She is very good to see if you really feel you need the personal fittings. I do tend to send some of my clients who intend on losing a lot of weight prior to hitting the stage to Ali as I can be confident that the costumes can be adjusted according to the amount of weight loss.

There are a few Australian bikini designers who my clients have used – Jo Rogers who details the competition shoes to match the bikinis and your social media marketing partner