Selecting a bikini colour

Firstly, colour is a personal choice, and you definitely need to select a colour which suits you baring in mind you are going to be very brown on the day of competition, but another factor to think about is the SHADE of the colour which you choose.

For a competitors first competition I nearly always recommend darker shades to my clients, just for the simple fact that they are much easier to keep clean on your big day. The tanning products we use are very messy even for the experienced competitors. You could not imagine what a challenge it is to get a bikini on your body without getting tan marks on it until you have tried. It is much easier with the trunks for the guys but the top and bottom of a bikini which is always joint as a one piece is tricky.

As with a lot of other things on contest day that can cause us stress, nothing stresses us more than finding a ugly brown streak on your $350.00 yellow bikini then trying to remove the stain without affecting the rest of the fabric. You can end up with the stain remaining, a water mark and pilled fabric…. BIG MISTAKE. Don’t let anybody who doesn’t know what they are doing to try to remove a stain.

I take Sard wonder soap with me and a clean cloth and work on any mark immediately. You can also spray with hair spray then wipe off. The highly adorned bikinis are easier to keep clean because of the amount of stones and crystals used, but then you pay the price for that in dollars.

If this is your first contest I suggest go darker and brighten it up with bling. your social media marketing partner