Frequently Asked Questions - Competition


How long you train depends on how you are looking at the time of your physique assessment and how you want to look on stage.

Some people go into competition just to compete on stage, and others go in to win. If you haven’t got the hunger to win then you are in it for the wrong reasons.

Say for instance you just decide to do a competition in 4 months’ time. You will find that you will be going from loving your training sessions which may be 3-4 times a week, to enduring rigorous training sessions 5 times per week at least, doing cardio session 3-5 or daily sessions per week and restricting your food. Damn hard on the body and the brain…

You would possibly be cutting your carbs dramatically, replacing carbs with higher protein food and basically eating ultra clean which sounds easy but in reality when you are in deficit calories nothing is easy.

So in a nutshell, the easy part of competition is saying “Hey I’m going to compete”.

If you have planned to compete properly, your training should have been targeted towards bringing up lagging muscle groups or working on particular areas which are an obvious problems in your physique.

A physique assessment is a must, so after that is completed your trainer must devise a plan to help you achieve the look through weight training which may required based on the particular class that you are entering.

I can’t stress enough that a fitness trainer or a trainer specialising in cross-fit or body balance most likely cannot help you in weight training for competition unless they are very familiar with bodybuilding.

It takes a good eye to note that you need improvements in your upper body width, bringging your biceps up if they are small in comparison to your triceps or to bring your hamstrings up rather than concentrating on your quads. Choose your trainer wisely.

Well in short until you know what you are doing, yes you do.

There is so much information out there via internet that Im actually glad i'm not learning about the subject now. Too much information, too much confusion and far too many know it alls are online.

My clients are lucky in the fact that I do all of their contest preparation in it's entirity. It's more difficult to work with clients who go to someone else for training or nutrition. The fine tuning of nutrition and training is much simler if I am handling the calories in and calories out, design the training to transform the body based on the structure and teaching the competition posing.

If you have a trainer and they do not do the nutrition for you then you will need a person to make you accountable for your nutrition and to ensure you are going to get to your goal weight without losing valuable muscle.

This is the major consideration when entering a body-sculpting completion as its about the shape and the condition of the body with added muscle and that is for any class.

Without the help from someone experienced then you will likely lose valuable muscle in the process of getting your body fat down.

It is very expensive but any sport can be expensive. Once you get into the competitive side of any particular sport the costs are always going to increase directly before the actual event.

The major cost for a competitor in the final 3-4 months is purchasing the supplements which will last the 12-16 weeks.

You need a posing costume for on stage – preferably made to measure. For the guys this can just cost just $50.00 but for females $250 is the minimum that they would have to pay to be well dressed. Sad to say but it is definitely a case of the more you pay the better the quality and individuality. I personally wouldn't want to stand beside someone in the same bikini just because it was $100.00 cheaper. If you can buy just the plain bikini for yourself tailor made, then bling it up yourself then all good. I have total respect for someone using their talents to do that. Otherwise invest well, but not to the point where you could go for a Caribbean holiday for the same price of the bikini. The body makes the bikini not the other way around. To complete the bikini you need the slut shoes (so we call them in the competition world) $150.00 - $250.00 for these. Read more about bikini's and trunks.

And for females only, you do need jewellery. This is a separate subject actually, but please do not do earrings, necklace/choker, bracelet, rings, belly button piecing, ankle bracelet etc, and over-do the whole look. Less is more!! The same with breasts but that is also a different subject.

Tanning is another $100.00- $150 for the day and hair removal say another $100.00. It depends on how much body -hair you have obviously to remove . If you are wanting to build up a base tan through tanning beds, which used to be the norm 10 years ago but not so common now, then you could add another $150.00 here to building up your base tan through the new modern stand up sun beds.

Photography and video while on stage during the competition is $100+ but it's definitely not something to leave out just because you haven't allowed it into your budget. Make this a priority as you are going to learn a lot about yourself from viewing these.

Hair and make-up will cost $150minimum on the day and certainly expect to pay more. I paid $250 for 1 make up session internationally, but it was worth every dollar. They came to me and I didn't have to step foot outside the hotel and I had total peace of mind.

You need to allow for the optional personal training sessions with a trainer each week, weekly assessments with your nutritionist, and routine design with your choreographer, which may not include learning the art of posing as you may need to pay separately for that or go to someone else.

So if you have problems with your budget, ensure you get it sorted well in advance of your 12 weeks build up to a competition because being calorie deprived, lacking energy and BROKE is no fun.