Competition Hair Styles

Whether you wear your hair up or down is entirely up you but you must love it on the day.

There are several things to look at before your big day to ensure that you make the right choice for your bodybuilding or figure hairstyle. I always favour the hair down on the figure/bikini girls, or if the hair is put up then it is the messy look I like. I really can't bear the ballet dancer style on competitors - to me their heads look way too small for their bodies, but hey that's my personal opinion.

If you are intending on wearing your hair down take these points into consideration first

Dealing with sweat

If you are prone to sweating, then coupled with nervousness your hair is going to stick to the tan and the sweat on the back of your neck, back and shoulders making it almost impossible to flick it round to the side with each quarter turn. This makes it difficult to perform and it doesn't look great. In this instance, I recommend wearing your hair up.

Wearing clip in's or permanent extensions

If you wear clip in's or permanent extensions you are going to be at risk of ruining them with the colour from the tanning product particularly if your hair is blonde. It's a costly hair decision so take this into consideration.

Hair and posing for first time competitors

If it's your first time competing, chances are you will be more nervous than you anticipate.

Nervousness can cause the girls to forget to take their hair to the side while doing the quarter turns or the back poses so the judges don't get to see your back or shoulders. This could cost you points in the prejudging unless the judges are forgiving and ask for you to place your hair to the side.

If you haven't yet practiced taking your hair to the side so it's fair automatic with each turn then don't even contemplate wearing your hair down.

Using a Professional Hair Stylist

Ensure you have booked in for the big day. Don't risk a "Bad Hair Day" and don't tempt fate trying to do it yourself! Your confidence is highly dependent on how your hair looks and feels on you.

Choose your look and stick with it

Whether you want to go for glam, fun and flirty or natural , choose one and stick to that look. Hair, make-up, bikini and shoes should all complement each other so don't try to overdo any one thing or especially don't over all of these things. Be confident with what you have chosen. "You wear the cloths, they don't wear you" the same applies to your hair.

Personal Experience and recomendations

I have been lucky in my bodybuilding career to have had the chance to experiment with every hair style possible. Olivia Noble of Protégé Hair Design has done my hair since 2003 and she has created some incredible hair styles for almost all my contests. Olivia has been hairdresser for NZ Top Model and has a brilliant reputation her in Auckland and New Zealand. She is based in Te Atatu Auckland and I highly recommend her if you need a professional hair sylist in Auckland.

My good friend Neville also did an amazing hair style for me which suited my costume and my personality perfectly when I guest posed with Bee and the Kapa Haka team from Hoani Waititi School, West Auckland in August 2012. Neville Marshall works at Chill in Te Atatu Peninsula

Catherine Colucciou was photographer for the day and she snapped a very strong image of me as I entered on stage. We were so excited as "Warrior Queen" was selected for publication in New Zealand Camera 2013 Year Book. It was printed on page 67 of the book. I love that picture as it demonstrates how I felt on the day, and I have Neville to thank for making me feel confident with the style he gave me. I honestly would not of felt the same if I had done it myself. your social media marketing partner