Competition Make Up

Teresa-doing-Rachels-Makeup-2In my opinion there are four things not that you do not want on your face on contest day or in your contest photos which incidentally will haunt you forever:

  1. A white face
  2. A shiny face
  3. Non- existent lips
  4. Drag queen eyelashes

Often the girls put the money in supplements, nutritionist, personal trainers, a bikini and everythign else that goes into a competition and then try to scrimp and save on one of the most important things on Contest Day. The face you present on competition day.

Getting your make-up professionally done is essential. A profesional make up artist should have a case of high quality make-up and make up bases to have you looking perfect on competition day. You cannot just slap on dream tan and brush it over with "Thin Lizzy". Big mistake!

To begin with ensure you have a good base so your make up does not slide off your face half way through the day. Use a foundation a couple of shades darker than you would normally use but a shade lighter than your final body tan.

Teresa Judd has been my own and my girls make up artist for 10 years at least. "Makeup artist to the stars" we say. Teresa arrives with two huge Make-up cases full of "Mac". Those cases are any woman's dream and I have often thought of hitting her on the head for them but of course if you don't know how to use it then it is totally useless. Once Teresa begins works, she works on our canvases until she produces a "work of art" which stands the test of time – well a whole contest day anyway.

We often have a laugh about sessions we used to have years ago. We once used to stand back and say:
"Do I look like a drag queen?"
"Well its perfect"

Nowadays contest makeup is a bit more refined. We don't go for the drag queen look. We use false eyelashes and the eyeliner but not to the extent that the lashes are adorned with sparkles or tinsel anymore. Generally we now use part eyelashes or separate eyelashes which Teresa tirelessly adheres to our eyes one at a time.

Eye are still definitely played up but we tend to focus either on the eyes or the lips and keep everything else (other than the colour of the foundation) played down a little. The lips can definitely be a stand out feature on their own if you have gorgeous shaped lips. Either way play one up, and keep the features simple and subtle but gorgeous all the same.

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