Competition Posing

The sole purpose of bodybuilding posing is to show your physique to the judges. You must know how to present your body from all four sides. This is where your hard training is being put to the test so if you are not training hamstrings and glutes as hard as quads and calves now, then you better start.

In New Zealand we have numerous federations but in two of the federations we have the following 3 rounds: structural posing, compulsory posing and Routines. I like to teach each of the rounds to all my competitors whether they are bikini, shape or fitness competitors. Learning the art of posing is never a waste of time.

1: Structural posing

In this round the structure, proportion, muscular development, posture and how the athlete holds themself on stage is judged. To me this is a vital part of the judging. You must appear semi relaxed and hold the body tall and tight to present the perfect package. This is where you will be first noticed.

Both Bee and I are seasoned posers and we have the ability to help beginners from scratch, through to the advanced competitor. We strive to bring out the best of our competitors and to help them to get the best out of their day.

It never leaves our mind that "POSING" is the "ICING ON THE CAKE". your social media marketing partner