Competition Shoes

Shoes can definitely make you or break you on the stage. I remember seeing one girl in one division at a NZ show who obviously could not walk in her shoes let alone pose. She was very clumsy on stage and not matter how good her body was on the day, she couldn't handle the shoes therefore could not impress in the prejudging. After witness that I vowed never to allow one of my female competitors on stage like that.

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If you are not used to walking in high heels, especially high slip on heels, then you had better start as early as possible, even before you are into your contest preparation. There is nothing worse than seeing somebody not handlingtheir heels. I would sooner see somebody not knowing how to pose than witness someone trying to balance on two slabs of acrylic badly.

Make the right shoe choice

The choice of what shoe to use is up to you but please listen to any advice from people in the know who warn you against your loved intended pair. They are such an important part of your final look so be choosy. A few years ago there was a tendency to try to steer athletes away from the stripper heels, but what happened was that girls were turning up in anything they could get from Wild Pair or Lippy just to look funky, and all the attention was on their feet rather than their hard worked dieted bodies. Obviously it wasn't successful so we are now back into the Stripper heels, which I still think look better. Totally clear acrylic heels accentuate the leg, bring the calves out better than they actually are a lot of time and they take attention away from the ankles because of the clear acrylic strap rather than a coloured strap. As soon as we put a coloured strap around the ankle then attention is placed around that area so you have to be very slim in the ankle, have brilliant calves and long limbs to get away with it, otherwise forget coloured straps - even crystal studded ones.

To borrow or not to borrow

As with my advice on not borrowing a bikini, I stress please don't borrow shoes. If you have committed to a contest then you surely worked out a budget. This budget must include your bikini, shoes, hair and makeup and tanning. There is no getting around it. Prepare for it early, and get the best you can for the price you can afford but get your own of everything in the right size and in the style recommended to you. You are going to be practicing so much in your shoes leading up to the competition, most likely stretching them leading up till the day and then staining them on the day so don't even risk passing them back to your friend again in worse condition than how you were given them initially.


One mistake I made one year was that my shoes ended up too big for me. I brought a size 8 instead of a size 7.5 thinking it would be ok. But by the time I had dehydrated and lost a lot of weight travelling internationally I found that my shoes could not stay in place on my foot. It would have been ok if they had an ankle strap but they did not. I'm in bodybuilding so I did not have to wear them on stage but even so, another lesson learnt. Don't get a half size or full size bigger thinking they are going to be ok. They most likely won't be.


Please be prepared to pay tax if you spend over NZ$200. You may be stung this way for more money before delivery.

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