Competition Tanning

Tanning for a bodybuilding competition is hugely important aspect of competition. You can walk on stage as a professional athlete prepared to do what it takes to win (even though you are a novice) or you can walk on stage resembling somebody off the street just wanting to walk on stage.

Years ago it was the "norm" to spend endless hours on a sunbed to get that base tan then just top up with ProTan a day or two before competition. However, the dangers of sunbeds are now evident and widely publicised therefore, they not recommended. The products we have available here now in New Zealand are amazing and very easy to obtain.

Bodybulding Tanning Process

Stage 1: Hair removal

To begin with, you need a good base. Your skin should be free of hair, or at least minus as much hair as possible. It is recommended that you wax 3-4 days prior to your first layer of the base tan to give your skin time to settle and prevent any skin reaction. It is also very important to refrain from using any moisturiser or moisturising shower washes from the start of the tanning process.

I personally recommend that you use for both the waxing and the spray tan. Two coats of spray tans are recommended prior to the very final DREAM TAN COAT that is the gorgeous sparkly top coat of tanning product we bodybuilders use. Ruby has been specialising in waxing and tanning competitors for many years now and has never let me nor any of my clients down. She and her staff will ensure that the process is timed for you individually so if you have sensitive skin she will get you in earlier to ensure problem free skin before tanning.

If you do not use waxing as an option, I would suggest "Veet" making sure to purchase the correct product for the area you are applying it to. Veet for the body cannot be used on the face and you should never attempt to do so. Also do not leave on longer than the time stated no matter what part of the body you are applying it too. Better to do it twice than to make one deadly mistake the first time.

The other option is shaving but I stress you only do this if your body is used to this.

Stage 2: Base colour

After you have completed the de-fuzzing procedure, you should allow a day or two before you begin the spray tanning or the application of whatever bodybuilding tanning product you have chosen. I favour Phil Kabakoff contest colour for my base which I apply by a brush or get I get Ruby Waxx to put through the machine. 

I like to apply 2-3 coats over 2 days, which is painted on with a sponge or brush. I lightly shower between each coat and allow at least 8 hours after the application before showering but I use no soap etc.

Stage 3: Final application

The morning of the competition is the application of the dream tan, or the body shimmer
You can either apply either choice before heading to the venue and then use a roller to go over it at the venue before pumping up or the other option is to apply at the venue from scratch. I personally like getting to the venue prepared for any programme changes so I am always ready to hit the stage.

Both the above products are good and have their advantages.. Another popular brand is Jan Tana but I have no experience of it at all personally therefore have yet to promote it to my clients personally. There are also other products on the market now but I would not recommend using anything unless you have personally seen it on somebody else.

Once your tan is on, you need to treat it with respect. There is nothing worse than trying to fix uneven patches or having to attempt to smooth out a bad tan job before you go on stage. It just adds to the stress big time.

Treat yourself like a professional athlete. Don't skimp on a few bucks after all your hard work. It's really not worth the stress.

Tan Removal

Here's a tip of how to get your tan off easily – even though I like to keep mine on just as I would for a normal spray tan. Once you are off stage and completely sure you are not going up for the overalls again or accepting a prize, then cover yourself in baby oil from head to toe, no water, no nothing, then scrub yourself down with an old towel. All layers of tan will just wipe off in a sweep. You will be just as you were 4 days ago - not a hint of tan. your social media marketing partner