Bicep Superset


Here are two of my favourite biceps supersets.  The meaning of "Superset" is merging two different exercises together as one set, with the minimal of rest between each exercise.   At Wolfs we are very lucky to have some excellant equipment with many of our pieces being unique in New Zealand. As with working any muscle group, we must hit the bicep muscle from every angle which is why I have chosen these two today. 

The first exercise is the Iso-Lateral Bicep curl machine - The upright angle of the machine allows you to hit the muscle with a full range of motion.  Because you need to be strictly seated with your arms high & locked into position on the pads,  there is minimal ability to cheat as you would on the normal preacher bench.   You can also work each arm independantly which I love.    


Super- setted with Seated concentration curls I find this an awesome combo for hitting the bicep muscle from two very different angles. You can choose to do high reps or low reps, or high reps on one exercise and low reps on the next. Whatever gives you the pump.  You can try these two exercises after your have completed your compound exercise such as Barbell Curls.  Below is the Seated Bicep Cable curl machine which you can use as an alternative to the Iso Machine.



Superset No 2
Incline Bench Cable Curls with Standing Rope curls  

As I mentioned above, we are always striving to hit our muscles from different angles.  Variation is the key to shocking the body and although if you are still a beginner you will  need to stick to the programme laid out for you by your trainer, but once you are into intermediate or advanced training,  you can then begin to merge two of your favourite exercises together to form a superset. It will intensify your workouts and you will get through your workouts a little quicker. 

I love this superset so much.  It takes abit of setting up with the bench but it is worth it.   You use a high cable for the Incline bench curls, keep you feet firmly planted against the machine and keep your shoulders and upper back pressed into the pad and strictly use your biceps only.  With the Rope curls I like to change the way I bring the rope up.  Sometimes keeping the two ropes together and sometimes extending them out to the side with a slight twist at the top of the movement.  But whatever style you choose, keep very good form if you want to grow and tone your arms.  

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