Shoulder Training

Shoulder training has always been one of my favourite groups to train. Training shoulders correctly requires not just targeting the front, side and rear delt muscles but also the very important rotator cuffs as well.  So many people neglect the warm-up.  This is very important as over focusing on the first 3 can cause a serious weakness in the rotator cuffs, resulting in damage, in most cases permanent damage,  which will inhibite your progress in the long run.  So dont short cut - warm up with 3 sets at least of 10-15 very light sets of the external rotation exercise - see picture 1. 

Always keep your form very strict.  Lift the weight slowly and precisely, keeping the muscles tight and resisting on the way down. Its important to also place alot of emphasis on the rear delts which is another part of the delts that females leave out basically because it is awkward to do.  Bentover flys should be done with lighter weights than you would use for perhaps a press or upright row.  When performing rear delts, keep the arms slighlty bent or you will work your triceps instead. Here are some of my favourite basic dumbell exercises - one or at least a couple of these are always added into my own shoulder workouts.

Select 2 or 3 of the exercises below to form your own superset or tri-sets and knock them out strict but hard. 
 Db Shoulder exercises

Work your shoulders safely but make it challenging.  Nothing looks better than a beautiful pair of sculpted shoulders in a halter neck dress your social media marketing partner