It's a Hit!

before and after
Well I have done 14 days on the keto. Well actually it wasnt really 14 days as I had carbs over the weekend so, really to be honest to myself and you,  I did 11 days on it.  I lost 1.8kgs over the 11 days.  Marc lost 5kgs ( jealous much) but more about Marcs 2 week period later on. I lost my body fat with no excessive cardio, no fat burners, and no L carntine.  My only supplements were my protein powder and my menopause tabs and ketotones.  Im actually loving the results as small as it may seem and my clothes are actually fitting just right or a little lose.  I dont want to get skinny. I just wanted some definitiion back.  



18492948 10155386849735337 2017134606 n before and after side
Face comparison - The fat face has gone - yuk how I hate that look, and side pics are better. I know alot of people find it difficult seeing the small changes in themselves but I am very used to it and look for small changes in my body, and I dont expect massive changes in a short time frame.

I am still on the keto plan and will go for another 2 weeks to see some more changes. I must stress I am not doing this to primarlily lose weight although that is a bonus.  I am doing this becos very low carbs, high fat diets suit me 100%.   My body works better and although I do love to have carbs from time to time,  my meals are not based on them alone.  
I have loved the additional fats that I can now have instead of the carbs choices of weeks ago.  I have my macros down to a tee which is why my energy levels have been good and I havent starved to death.  I will say this again as I say to my clients all the time....... You cannot cut your carbs without increasing your good fats! End of story.  You will not lose weight by doing so.  You will burn out and eventually binge eat.  
Im going to follow up on this blog again this evening but I wanted to share my results with you which were overdue in putting up.   

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