How to Eat

How we look physically is hugely determined by how we eat. The main thing I teach my clients is how to balance the 3 food groups which are Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats.

All 3 are required by the body so that our bodies function efficiently. We not only use these foods groups as a way for our body to function but also how our body looks. With my nutrition plans we keep the 3 food groups in every day, and there are no long term restricted foods . Some foods may be temporarily removed but this is short term. We learn how to eat the 3 groups in the most balanced way so that our food does what is required for our bodies wellbeing internally, and our bodies benefit externally as a result." Look after the inside and the outside will be taken care of."

We as weight trainers gravitate towards a high protein/low carb/moderate fat diet. Firstly we must be weighted and measured to find our lean mass, and fat mass. These figures are then calculated to find the amount of daily calories the body requires to function. We then work out the amount of calories we have to divide between the 3 food groups.

We do this by determining our lean muscle mass, then working out the amount of protein the body requires to hold the muscle, or to increase the muscle, We are then left with the carbohydrates and fat calories allowed. With these figures, we can then spend our calories as we do money. We aim to get the best food for our bodies with the least amount of calories spent.. Weight loss result from Less calories in than calories out.

With the above information I can design a nutrition plan especially for you, and working for you means that you muscle mass will increase and your fat mass will decrease. your social media marketing partner