Keeping it real

body shot

Its been 20 days since I started my "Kick myself up the bum"' process. In last weeks blog I wrote about reaching my 65kg goal.  With 1.8kgs fat loss in less than 2 weeks.  I was rapt with that,  but 6-7 weeks ago I weighed over 70kgs and I shocked myself when i jumped on the scales.  I was feeling heavy and yuk and although my nutrition is pretty spot on I wasnt weighing my food and I was giving myself much bigger servings of  good healthy food when I should of known better.  It was a slow process to gain that weight so I didnt all of a sudden gain it but when I look back I was having more kumara, more rice or more wine than I should of been.  Sometimes I would say to myself "I deserve it, I work hard for it,  its all clean food, I still eat less than the normal female,  I will go for another run,  I will make up for it tomoro". Alot of mental excuses really that I lecture my clients about.   But I know when I knuckle down, I can turn things around very quick.   

 So Day One  I weighed 66.8 and today 64.5kgs so 2.3kgs lost in just under 3 weeks which I am really happy about. On the Ketogenic plan I always have a flat tummy day or night although I do have a few tummy upsets but that is due to the fact my body is getting use to having more fats than I would of normally taken in daily.  I do miss my oats for breakfast and my kumara dribbled with Balsamic Vinegar & rock salt but I love my egg white pancakes more, love my salmon which I have almost daily, my avocado, abit of bacon and  my dressings. My dressing are weight watchers or we have gone mad on the Waldens farms zero calorie pancake syrups etc. They have approx 30 varieties of no cal sauces, syrups & dressings   Walden farms here
 I havent been hungry at all unless I'm working long hours at the gym and don't get my midday meal in till late. My clothes now fit awesome, and I know longer stand in the mirror thinking I look yuk in this, or yuk in that.  And with winter here, and the days getting colder, its nice to rug up without feeling like I look a chubbo.  
boots 2goodbye car
Rugged up with my man on a cold Auckland day - boots, legwarmers,hat & gloves 


Understanding your own Nutrition
I know I always stress the fact that we must learn about the foods that we eat, and understand the macros in them.  I also know that it is very frustrating for some people to do this, so I like to help my clients understand over a period of time but focusing on one or two of the macros at a time.  It doesnt take long for them to pick it up but it can be time consuming for some, especially for those who are already a slave to their laptops or phones with work anyway.  But it is definately worth perservering.  Cos I have been happy with my results so far, I decided to have a treat breakfast this morning.  
It was still my carbfree protein pancake but with some treats and it was divine. I brought the additional extras last night at countdown and scanned them into MyFitnessPal so I had the macros there to enter into my diary. 
I had 3 choices.   Diet Jam,  Probiotic yogurt and Hazelnut spread..  So by scanning and adding the items into my diary I made it work.  And the pancake was out of this world.
pancake rollspancake folded

fitness palchoices
My topping choices for this morning - normally I would have Waldens Farms Pancake syrup but I had all 3 of these today so I added 257 calories to my breakfast than I would normally have ( which is absolutely fine for a weekend treat)
If I wanted to work it into my macros and have the same calories at the end of the day, I would miss my almonds at my snack meals.  Thats an easy swop 

So it goes without saying that you must count calories and learn about macros.  I had a client yesterday tell me about a fitness facebook page  with incredible food ideas and recipes, but the page did not have breakdowns of macros.  That is installing in the readers heads that the calories do not matter and I feel that the fitness professional should have this done for her readers regardless of how long it takes her.  I personally  would only recommend to follow the recipes if you enter the ingredients into MyFitnessPal as a recipe and do the breakdown yourself and divide the total by the number of servings you will get from it.

Please check on everything.  A protein shake does not mean a fruit smoothie unless you have allowed a fruit smoothie into your plan.  A protein shake made with water will give you approx 130 cals with 25grams of protein and a fruit smoothie will give you over 300 cals with approx 8 grams of protein.  

our mealsmy dinner
Here are a few of my meals over the week. I'm no chef but I do try to make my meals look nice and every meal is cooked under 10 mins as I work two shifts per day and do not want to spend all my time in the kitchen.
1st pic - My meal/his meal = sliced smoked salmon, bacon, kale salad, small amount of grated cheese and lite dressing
2nd pic - Salmon,  roast asparagus + tomato, kale and avocado. Nothing difficult but yummy to eat. 

gravy disaster   bad pancake
Cooking disasters do happen - often. Pancakes are sometimes hit and miss but mostly I have them down to a fine art. But on this day I couldnt even microwave ready made gravy, and burnt my pancake not once but twice.  

Thats about it for this week.  Marc has still promised to do a blog from a males point of view. Maybe this week. your social media marketing partner