1st Blog from the "Man"" himself


So I promised Jo a BLOG
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So here goes ….

I haven't dieted per say for ohhhh 10 years or more … have not needed to really for you see I have a very very fast metabolism , even now at the age of 50 .

     When dieting as a competitive bodybuilder I primarily would start off at around 2800 cals and by comp time I would be up around 4000 cals , existing of 7 meals a day . My meals would never be exciting , basically just protein and rice with a little bit of sauce. I didn't need anything  flash , I was eating to a goal … to get ripped whilst maintaining or growing muscle .

In my early days I would stay lean all year around as I was constantly competing. After winning my second Mr NZ win and obtaining my IFBB PRO CARD I moved to LA and lived with Lee Priest , it was here I was introduced to BULKING UP.
marc leemarc ronnie
Lee & I in the days and competing alongside Ronnie Coleman

Lee would make me sit at the table till I had finished my food.  We are talking plates and plates of food here.  I would grizzel like a 4 year old not wanting to eat their broccoli . Initially I got fatter than I was comfortable with, then my metabolism shifted after about 3 months and I started to get leaner again whilst at a far greater body weight ... i.e. my Lean Mass was way way up and I was back to a comfortable look for me .

    Over the years I've managed my weight and fat percentage by just cutting back carbs a little when I got to the point I was feeling a bit stodgy … I know my body like clock work , a benefit of being in the ”Body Conscious Industry” for 30 years, plus my experience in many many competitive bodybuilding shows from Amature to Pro.

    Carbohydrates always feature in my eating … Love Them … ( if it wasn't for Jo  I would probably marry a carbohydrate ). I’m not afraid of carb’s like many are, I bath in them, take them for long walks on the beach and quiet nights in front of the fire whilst sipping wine and giggling over our next meal … so when Jo said we were going KETO for 2 weeks I was apprehensive, a little afraid and some what nervous. Now I know KETO Dieting extensively.  I've studied it, researched it and used it very successfully with many many clients over the years , but never gone full KETO myself. I've never had to ...but I said I would give it a go so in always keeping my word to my Jo -  I was in .

marc4marc weigh in
Day 1 - Keto begins 

So Carbs were gone. I weighed 96.4 kgs on day 1.   Initially I thought I would miss carbs. Be sitting on our bed looking through old photo's of us together , at restaurants ,  holding hands whilst walking around popular eating districts around town, but 4 days into Keto I felt fine. Admittedly we had replaced Carbs with a decent amount of “Fats””  for it is “”Fats” that are the long burning energy source the body needs when cutting out your carbohydrates.  In the mornings I looked leaner and drier than normal, rather pleased with that I was. I didn't take photo's as to be honest I don't like  photo's of myself , even through my High Profile Bodybuilding Career I was kinda camera shy. Sure I did photoshoots for magazines  etc but always a little reluctantly. I know that sounds weird, especially for someone who was  getting on a stage with only a pair of budgie smugglers on but every time I saw a pic of myself I felt I looked silly …I did only what I had to … nothing more … Not like today where guy,s no bigger than a stick insect post  themselves daily on social media thinking they are all that and a bag of crisps .
Zero carbs, high protein & high fat

       My Training stayed the same …Weights 4 x per week ( Body split into 4 trained once per week ) plus cardio 25 to 30 minutes post weights plus 1 x extra session of 30 mins per week . After 10 days of NO CARBS I was down to 93 kgs, visually a lot leaner from burning bodyfat for energy.  How do I know I was burning bodyfat ?  Well from years and years of losing bodyfat I know I've gone into Ketosis  ( Burning body fat for a needed energy source ), because my body’s core heat increase ( Thermogenesis ) and I feel a constant damp - not dripping layer of sweat on my body. I know this state well, and it was the same this time many years later.
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Marc with Client Chris Bateman, You can check Chris's physique out on Chris Batemans Professional Photo shoot with

     By day 12 that was it for NO CARBS. Although up to here my brain function was fine  (some would argue it never has been fine ) with the high fat content in my diet.   I started to get little skips in thinking, blank spots I call them, little mishaps in thinking, not being able to find some words I needed, so it was time to put carbs back in. Normally on a Strict Keto Plan I  give a carb infusion around the 5th to 6th day for my clients but I wanted to see how long I would last.  It was 12 days … 12 days with NO CARBS with  constant work Training Clients moving 1000s of pounds throughout the day for them, plus my own training ( which always has been Intense and Hard Core even now at 50 ) .
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      To summarise, in 12 days I lost 3.5 kg in weight and I would visually estimate around 3 % bodyfat , energy levels were great all the way through and now I think we are going to do a 8 week diet for a photo shoot ( so I'm told ?? ). Hopefully we will have a product on board that we will be using and promoting in the near future that aid this whole ketogenic  process dramatically, but other than that tonight I'm going to have something sweet ,fatty, carby, creamy and yummy with Jo, and maybe have a little carbs afterwards,  if I'm lean enough LOL .

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