7 day Intermittent Fasting - Day 1

jo and weightDAY 1 - 65.2 KGS Not fat, not thin, but  happy in my skin 

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Well this is the place for my 7 day blog.  I havent written for so long as I honestly dont get the time, I wish I did but here I am for a week or so, so tune in each evening if you want and have a catch up.    

Marc has left me..

Well he has left me to go to Invercargill for a week to stay with his Mum which is really nice so I thought since I was already  miserable I may as well make myself more so by starting a 7 day fasting diet. The Intermittent Fasting Diet - just the word intermittment makes me tongue tied - I literally cannot say this word to clients as well - it just comes out so wrong so I  just say fasting diet until they say "Oh the intermittent diet" 

Normally I hate any diets like this.   As you may know Im a big fan of the Keto diet and also a good balanced diet so attempting a diet like this is absolutely weird to me... I mean why would you?? 

Woman I work with struggle with a keto plan,  while I absolutley love it.  The choice of foods is amazing (without carbs) but still the majority of woman struggle daily with it even though they stlll want to do it. Even with a good balanced diet plan,  woman struggle with them.   Just the word diet is a struggle for most as all of a sudden there are foods on the "off" list.  

So the last few months I have had woman asking about the "intermittent fasting diet" and I would silently say to myself
" WTF, you cant stick to a good balanced diet, why would you want to try fasting for 18 hours a day"  lol.  

But,  as I am the type of person that I am, who doesnt give a client anything I wouldnt do myself, I thought I owed it to my clients to give it a go and learn to love it or leave it, recommend it or start a smear compaign against the very mention of the word. 

Ok up until today I have pretty much been on Keto for over a year now. Not 100% fully, or completely committed to keto  but the majority of my days have oats only in the morning (a small amount 1/4 of a cup at most) and the volume of my breakie is made up with grated courgette and berries, sliced almonds with protein powder .. It is so delish.. I live for my breakfast!
Im up at 4.45 every mornning or 3.45 some mornngs and I jump out of bed, throw on some clothes, and cook my "to die for breakfast"  The only times I have ever not had breakfast on waking was if I were in Labour ( 3 times in total not counting constipation pains that feel like labour) ,  doing a lab test, or if I'm almost on my death bed with gastro,  but I would still probably try to eat my sweet breakies between bouts of vomiting - thats how much of a breakfast person I am.
Marc and I can never go out for breakfast as I have always had mine at a time which still feels like the middle of the night for him - and then he has breakfast in the time waiting for me to do my makeup and hair, so remember never to ask us out for breakfast - 1pm brunches only please.  

So the decision to do the Intermittent Fasting diet was a big one for me ( I dont know what I was thinking) 

Day 1  

So last night I went to bed not really looking forward to this morning.   But I jumped out of bed at 4.45am and weighed myself straight away.  For the last few months my weight has varied  from 63.5kgs to 64.5 but today I weighed 65.2 which f....ed me off bigtime as I didnt eat very much yesterday but also didnt drink very much water either so that could explain it - bunged up lol. ( But I honestly I dont care about the weight - it doesnt worry me either way as it is just a tool to enable us to measure our fat loss and muscle gain) 
 I dont get hung up on my scale weight unless Im feeling like a fatty, and I have been quite comfortable with my body for a long time now. Plus I'm wanting to drop some muscle for my wedding to Marc ( which will be a whole new blog to look forward to) and I dont want to look like I should be wearing the grooms suit instead of a wedding dress so I am downsizing my muscle and looking forward to wearing a gorgeous feminine dress for him.. 

So my dinner last night was at 8pm which was only chicken.  A chicken snitzell and 2 chicken drumsticks.  No carbs, no veges cos I didnt feel like any as I was feeling doomy and gloomy about Marc going away and my food destiny...  
10.30pm  Went to bed keen to start the new plan but kinda pissed about my breakfast - ( I doing this for you guys you know so if your feeliing bad, then Im feeling good that your feeling guilty ) 

4.45am - No breakfast  - feeling very nostalgic about yesterdays breakfast 

 5.00am  1 black coffee while opening and closing the pantry door eyeing up the Harroways Fruit  Harvest  Oats packet 

6-7.00am 750 mls of flavoured water - I think flavoured water is against the Intermittent Fasting Rule but what the hell - its Day 1 and I'm a learner Another black coffee - 2 heaped teaspoons - I cut back a little lol

7.30 Damn starving!!!  Didnt train properly cos I was upset about missing my oats and wondering how I was going to get through to 2pm.  Deep regrets.. My clients upper arm looked rather yummy and meaty to me  when I was taking her caliper reading - Oh dear!!!  

9.00  By this time I was starving.  Not to the point where I woud rush off to the nearest takeway but hungry so I had another coffee ( 3 tsps this time -  resembled bitumen ) 

10.00  By this stage I wasnt feeling too bad.  Not hungry but I would of eaten if it were a normal day, but because I had no food or shakes with me and the fact I had promised myself I wouldnt buy anything - I  was ok

1.00pm By this time I was home for a short lunch scheduled for 2pm but cos I had a 2.30 appt I had everything ready to devour down quick and easy.   It was a pathetic meal really,  consisting of half a packet of precooked rice and quinoa and leftover chicken from last night. It was ok - I would eat anything anyway.. 

20180516 135050
Meal 1 - 2pm 

The rest of the afternoon I wasnt hungry at all.  I havent done cardio today  as my LandLady called and said she needed to call around so I spent 1 hour waiting for her which was my allocated cardio time..   Never mind, will do some tomoro. 

6pm - My dinner was a beautiful piece of regal salmon,160 grams with 100 grams of kumara and 1 whole bunch of kale cooked in coconut oil and drizzled with fresh lemon which doesnt sound very exciting but was beautiful. I felt so content.  

7.30pm  Its almost my fast time again. I have 1/2 an hour left from now as I type and I will have a protein shake with berries and slivered almonds.  Im well below my normal calories for the day having 1 meal less and 1 protein shake less so I wonder how I will feel tomoro. 

Overall I am feeling really good tonight ( apart from missing my man) I'm  little hungry but a shake will take care of that and I'm not hungry enough to  moan about being hungry. 

 My motto has always been to "go to bed feeling like your hungry enough to raid that pantry, but your mental strength is strong enough to not give in"  

Until tomoro, love and muscles Jo. your social media marketing partner