Day 2 - 7 Day Intermittent Fasting Experiment

Day 2 - 7 Day Intermittent Fasting Experiment
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I say experiment in the title cos I am not doing this long term - not every day anyway but I have 5 days to go and will be 100% with it!!! I love my keto way of dieting and having breakfast at 5.00am or earlier is a necessity and a treat for me but if your interested here is my run down for today.


Last night before the 8pm curfew I had a protein shake  - ½ scoop of Giant Delicious Protein and ½ scoop of Giant Delicious Casein Powder, ¼ cup of  berries and a serving of slivered almonds. I magic bulleted it with ice and it was gorgeous, thick and resembled a soft serve ice cream.  It was very filling! I'm really not used to having that full feeling at night so I didn't feel so good afterwards. It was so yummy drinking it,  but NOT so yummy carrying it around with me afterwards. I consumed it while “My Kitchen Rules” was on. I was slurping away awhile the 2 girls stuffed up their desert big time. Honestly had those girls done protein shakes they could of had 10 out of 10  each from Manu and Pete for sure

manu and peteManu and Pete -     My Kitchen Rules Australia HERE 

Thursday ( today) 17/5/18

This morning I didn’t really think about breakfast at all.  What was the point, it was out of the question so why dwell on it. Got up at 4.45am and weighed myself immediately ( which was awesome by the way as I had dropped from 65.3 to 64.8  in one day) Had my coffee, showered, and got ready for work. I had at least 15 minutes up my sleeve cos of not having breakfast but I still managed to run late as I dribbled over food pics and the possibly of  what I may have for lunch one day this week. Its a recipe of my friends Pete. Pete & I go way back. I've read quite a few of his book covers so I feel I know him very well. We have similar interests in food and cooking standards lol. And this is what I am hanging out for. Im going to make it happen Friday - tomorrow.

32638386 10156501026960337 1089202074178027520 nBuy Petes Book Here

I’ve actually re-created this recipe once before ( I tweaked the recipe abit) but I didn’t have any mince or bacon on hand  and I was supposed to have both of those ingredients for the recipe, but I was still determined to make it.   After getting the avocado out of the paper bag ( Phew I was relieved it was almost ripe) I realised I didn’t have any beetroot left either then I found the tomatoes in the fridge were squishy and had tiny little spots of mould on them.
I could of removed the  mould spots in a neat fashion had I used a soft cloth but I used a pot scrub and the tomatoes were destroyed in my attempt so no tomatoes either.

So really to tell the truth   I just had the whole avocado ( which was very firm) on a pretty plate.
Of course and I took photos with my new samsung 9+ with the food filter and the avocado looked pretty damn spunky although pretty lonely but  I actually saved myself calories in doing the recipe my way cos Petes recipe turned out to be 533 cals per serve going by My Fitness Pal and just a whole avocado is 300 cals or so.  I saved on calories by not having the protein or carbs portion of the meal so I stay proud of my achievement and my body thanked me for it.

Anyway I know Pete and would be proud of my attempt to recreate his recipe and that I am recommending it to you readers and hope you do better than I did in the forward preparation part of it.

If you need the recipe you will need to buy Pete Evans Low Carb Healthy Fat Recipe Book - see link above.  I browse thru the book very often, select recipes then work out the macros of my favs to single servings.  By the time I do that I feel like I have actually eaten it and I’ve consumed no calories in the process - tricks of the trade. I also feel like somehow in some little way,  I am supporting Pete by purchasing his book and savouring his recipes with my eyes.

10.00am or 3 coffees after my first foot left the bed and hit the floor -   (I’m 1 coffee ahead of yesterday)
I had trained my clients, and trained back with my training partner Neville, so my body felt good and pumped. However  I still didn’t train 100% and it had nothing to do with the 18/6 Intermittent Fasting Diet. Í probably didnt even train 75% really because well truth be known - I had my hair coloured 2 days ago and I kept catching my reflection in the mirror and it was distracting and disturbing that I hadn’t styled it how it was styled on the day of my recolour.  I was abit ashamed of myself actually and pissed that I hadn’t ‘taken my good old faithful black leather cap to work to cover up.


12.00pm.  I have to admit I was very hungry by then.  But the life saver was - I had a botox appt at 12.30 so I drove over to the clinic in  “Starve Mode”’ and had a little bit of botox treatment. Ok maybe a little more than a little - maybe 10 or 20 injections ( I lost count as I was delirious)  but the number is neither here nor there - no judgement please) The pain was bliss to tell the truth. Compared to the hunger pangs I actually waited with anticipation for each stabbing pain between my eyes to detract from the gurgling pains in my belly.  Funny thing my botox administrator had louder hunger pangs than I did so she couldn’t hear mine.. Winning !!!!!

1.30.   Ok f… starving by now.  Botox finished. Home.. Suffering niggling pain in between my eyes and forehead which remind me of the ritual I put myself through for the sake of vanity. All good Im over it now.
I’ve trained my clients, trained myself, cardio’d on the M… Matrix treadmill for 30 mins at work,  which does not tell you how many calories you have burnt which is very frustrating! So I rely on my Samsung health App which told me I had only burnt 132 cals in half an  I worked damn hard on that. So here I am at 7.10pm and now the damn app is saying I have only stepped 5052 steps today instead of 6000 and burnt f…..all calories. I forgive it! It does not realise how much weight I carry around changing my clients weights while working. Lesson learnt today  I’’m at a huge disadvantage using apps but Im going to go and dance to Olivia Newton John for 10 mins anyway. Winning again.

2.00pm on the dot I ate my Salmon meal.  It was a double salmon meal. I love salmon so much I have to stuff my salmon with other salmon. So stuff away I did with a ½ pocket of Sun Dried Tomato Tapenade Salmon and topped it with cheese ( cheese was a little hard, not a hard cheese as such, just old and dried out a little and I ate this little creation of mine ( you wont find this in Petes Book) it with half a packet of rice quinoa. I don’t really know how I came up with stuffing the salmon with salmon idea - I just have a talent for it lol. I just look through the pantry and fridge freezer and think what can I create that other people would think was very weird, desperate or simply distasteful,   but it worked and I bet you would of paid $25.00+GST to get it off me.

cooked mealstuffed salmon
Please dont ask for recipe! Sear, split , stuff, season. You cant go wrong! Oh ok you can go wrong. Please dont stuff the salmon piece into the pocket of salmon. That is wrong!!


4.30pm Up until this moment, the only other food  I have had today is 1 tablespoon of peanut butter ( It was a LEVEL one too - I have to stress that so I seem more perfect than I really am ), the rest of the packet of rice/quinoa and the remainder of the salmon pocket so really my meals are almost done for today.  MyFitnessPal is telling me I have had 1166 calories so far, with under 100 grams of carbs, 57 grams of fat and on 64 grams of protein.. My protein is only half of what I normally have so I need that protein shake before bed, and I will get my macros  sorted tomorrow - I’m just too busy sorting out everybody else’s macros and my hair and wrinkles but I do my best.

Before I go heres how the weigh-ins have been so far.

Day 1 65.2kgs

Day 2 5.00am weight in 64.8kgs and  4pm weigh in 64,2kgs but Ive spent way too long in the bathroom today. I may have to give up work the way this is going.

But Im I kilo down since yesterday morning.   I may be able to compete next weekend the way I’m going!


Anyway I can’t wait to weigh in tomorrow morning. Im excited I start work at 5.00am tomorrow  morning so I will be up at 3.45 for my weigh in. OMG I just realised I will have an extra hour to  be hungry. Hopefully one of my clients will bring me a strong black coffee cos I’m going to need it.  ‘Please don’t ássume some other client will do this and come empty handed. There is never too much coffee this week.

fb postmarc comment

Had a laugh about these 2 pics.  I posted a selfie the morning Marc flew to Invers.  A few hours later he made this comment  Love it! 

FINAL NOTE: Oh this is a friendly reminder to my fiance.   It may be Day 2 of of my new diet but it is also Day 2 of my fiance leaving me to go to Invercargill to live life up abit with his Mum and sister. But meanwhile I’m getting worried as I found this useful note of caution. I think he should be worried too as I used to have 5 ear piercings in each ear and now I have only got 1 . …This is scary shit!!

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