Days 3&4 - Intermittent Fasting

Day 3&4 - Intermittent Fasting Experiment
progress pics

rear viewI know that I have lost some water from my lower back.  Its one of the first place I notice on my clients too. 
Not intending on losing any booty in the process.  I train lower body 2 x per week focusing on quads 1 day, & glutes & hamstrings on the other 

Well Day 3 has past ( it finished yesterday)  Thursday mornings weigh in showed that I had lost 1.4 kgs in 2 days so I had dropped from 65.2 to 64.8. Friday morning it was 63.8 & Saturday morning was 63.6 so that was 1.6kgs scale loss in 3 days whole days. Like I have said before, even though I moan a little about hunger but I am really enjoying it ( but its not all that easy) . I never thought I would say that I'm enjoying it as just the thought of going so long without food was inconceivable but I’m always willing to try new things out.  Hope your enjoy the following blog.
1st weight2nd weight3rd weightMorning of Day 4 - 3 days fasting completed - 1.6kgs down and Im feeling good.

 Have I been hungry? Yes definately. I go through little periods where I am starving but maybe only 1-2 bouts of continuous hunger for about 20 mins duration mainly around midday. The time between midday and 2.00 is the hard one. The hunger pangs come like orgasms - only situated in the area abit higher up in my body. The bouts of nausea and odd sensations build up slowly in waves until they peak, then they just slowly fade away and leave me thinking "What the hell was that about and hope my client didnt notice I was about to throw up some bile in their hand-towell".
The difference I have found between hunger pangs and orgasms is that
1. Hunger pains last way longer - Orgasms are "been and gone" too quick
2. They dont cause stars in my eyes and delirium - Orgasms can
3. I can keep my composure without anybody knowing whats going on inside of me - Orgasms are obvious
4. I can tell people I've just had one! Orgasms are private
4. The downside - hunger pangs happen a hell of alot more frequent than "pleasure pangs"

Mind Control
Please note: Im currently re-training my mind to recognise hanger pangs as pleasure pangs just as I used to do when I went through labours with my 3 kids... I tried to get my daughter to do that recently but apparently it didnt work ( sorry sweetie) Ok really Im not that super-human.. I could only manage to try and deceive myself with orgasmic thoughts untill I was 1.5cms dilated. The gas worked after that.

Because I have had over 25 years experience with having to use mind control to prevent myself overeating or eating at random when on my strict bodybuilding diets - I think I'm a professional in "Hunger Management". Being hungry for vaniety is very different to being malnourished and suffering starvation. At the end of the day I know I will be still be alive at the end of the 18 hours and be no worse off but LIGHTER for sure. I know people struggle with being able to say no to food that is not an option on their diets, or saying no when food opportunites arise, but I have always keep some very valuable reminders in my head and these are what have helped me during my almost 30 year career in the sport and as a trainer.

1. Always go to bed slightly hungry. You should feel like you could raid the pantry or fridge at that very time but your mind is too strong to give in to extra food which may put you out of your deficit state. Have a drink of water or herbal tea and hit the sack and be proud of what you have achieved on that day.
2. If you do fall one day a little bit or even a big bit, please dont torment yourself. My motto is "Do the best you possibly can on any given day, whether it is a good day or a bad day, you have done your best on that particular day" Be proud of what you have achieved each day. You tried. Dont fail then flag the whole thing. You wont be happy.
2. I changed how I thought. Instead of thinking I'm not allowed that "off planfood" I would think, I just dont want it! I virtually convinced myself that I didnt like it, I didnt need it or I had no option to have it. I also convinced myself that I had an allergy to all yummy food. Anything off my plan may cause rashes, diarrhea or vomiting, or worse post yummy food guilt and that feeling to me is the worst and most destructive side effect ever. And guilt is a side effect of disappointing yourself. If you can brush it off then well and good. If not, then you need to learn how to deal with not self sabataging, staying balanced and not feeling sorry for yourself.
4. Through my biggest competitions and the toughest dieting and training regimes, I definately didnt feel that I was being deprived in any way. I had a huge goal each time. I consider myself an athlete, an athlete representing her country, the females in nz, and myself too. I would be hungry and tired if it meant I had a chance to win. I was rewarded each night when I went to bed feeling proud that I had mentally beaten the battle of "should I or shouldnt Ieat outside of my diet " If you keep strong thoughts and keep your big goal in place, eventually thoughts of food options outside of your diet will be less regular and not even become an option to you.

*** Please note that I am no way preaching that you cannot have that treat or that you are forbidden to have anything outside of what you are supposed to have on any nutrition plan. I am listing the ways I beat the urge to eat and how I trained myself to get through the hunger and craving of having food which was or is off my plan at the time. You dont have to do it to the extent that I did. It didnt always work, but the majority of the time it did. I wasnt always a food angel. I used to have a terrible attitude regarding food after my first couple of years of bodybuilding. It was a miserable frustrating confidence stealing period of my life. I learnt from it by learning about food and learning about my own body.
If you can even take anything out of what I have written above, I hope it helps your get through the daily challenge of dieting or eating during fasting hours or just gaining a little more control that you yourself want.
Food is such an important part of our daily lives! I love to give beautiful food to my clients. I hate saying "you cant have this and you cant have that" but I have too sometimes. I believe that no food group should be permanently withdrawn from any nutrition plan unless there is a medical reason for it. But I believe that a plan must be in place to enable you to get to reach your goals and some foods or food groups may be temporarily removed, but you must learn from it, learn balance, why some foods were taken out, and what foods make you feel good and what doesnt. You dont want to be on the diet treadmill for the rest of your life

Here are some points regarding the Intermittent fasting  that I feel are an advantage or disadvantage to me
1.  I have at least  20 more minutes in the morning to get showered and ready. When I have do have breakfast I normally waste my time watching insta stories, facebooking or scheduling my calendar so if Im not having breakfast theres no sitting down with my phone. So I've now got more time to run around the house like a lunatic trying to feed 2 cats ( we are looking after 1) trying to prevent them from ripping each other apart - its actually pretty time consuming.
Now I have more time to use soap when I shower in the morning rather than just having the quick squirt I sometimes have, I now have optional shaving time so I can go to work feeling smooth and hair free not feelling like I am hiding some dark secret under my clothings. However shaving is not necessary this week cos Marc is away so no vaginal razor rash this week and no vaginal output this week either.
Vaginal output ???? Thats Marcs favourite phrase. (I'd never heard of it before I met him lol!)
" Hey babe, hows your vaginal output today"
I think he's meaning " are you up to it".
"Oh its ok hun, why do you ask"
" Oh just wondering babe.. Im always concerned about your inner health"
Sometimes the words Vaginal output sounds worse if he mis-pronounces it and vag-in-al comes out sounding like vag-ina-all.
The later sounds just yuk.
( Note to myself - talking about vaginal output - major shower job tuesday morning ! May require full morning off work)


natural blondeWhen the mans away, the pubes can stray! I'll teach him about "Vaginal output!"

2. Another plus is I have time to make 2 coffees. I can keep 1 upstairs andanother down as I am always in the wrong level of the house when I want a quick sip and still leave the house with 1 half empty cup.  Working!!!
3.  Although I dont prep my food in advance, I do always have my meals planned in advance.  I pretty much force my clients to pre-cook their meals and eat out of plastic containers, but I couldn’t think of anything worse lol ( I had enough of that back in the day when I was seriously competing).  Now I love my meals eaten as they are cooked so good thing I have a job where I come home for lunch ( takes me 5 mins to get to work, and I’m always home at a reasonable time to get dinner done for Marc and myself.   My meals only take a max of 10-15 mins to cook anyway so cooking really isn’t a hassle.

Love my breakfasts which I have been having for my 1st meal of the day It is Rice flakes, Protein, mixed berries, almonds and fresh creme.

One of my favourite dinners! I consider this a treat meal as it is gorgeous, high protein, no carbs and is something I don't normally have during the week. Prawns add texture to your meals rather than just having a slab of fish. They are exciting and messy to peel, and you get to savour the flavour of each one while peeling the next. I had mine cooked in coconut oil and glazed with garlic butter.


3. This is really a disadvantage -  I am a morning person who goes to bed late.  I pretty much wake up every day between 4 or 5. Im ready for the day bright and early weekdays and weekends. Its a damn pain sometimes as I have trouble sleeping in beyond 6-7am. But  I like to keep on the go during the day if I can cos if I sit down then I fall asleep - nothing unnatural about that I guess.

However I live with a man who is not a morning person. Hes such a good sleeper ( not a quiet one though but thats another story for another blog - look forward to that one).   I get jealous of Marcs amazing ability to sleep for long periods. While he's jealous of me being able to fall asleep in 2 seconds flat for short periods. Ok maybe we arent jealous of each other. I should of used the term - we both piss each other off..
Ive got to be quiet in the mornings, hes got to be quiet at night. We compromise except if we are not talking to each other and thats when we both tend to inflict louder and longer disturbances of silence to each other. I slam the doors, shower in the ensuite instead of spare bathroom, use the hairdryer even if Im not drying my hair, rustle through the drawers getting more clothes out, pull the bed to bits finding my undies from the night before, put the dishwasher and washing machine on at 5am for a 85 minute cycle,
while he puts seriously horrible fighting movies on tv speakers vibrating, while at the same time watching boxing or gang fights on this phone with "Sound On" I think I WIN overall.
The only time I can sleep well is on the couch or at the movies.  I always seem to see the start of a movie’( I really enjoy the title part) and the end ( for the credits to see who acted in it - I never know any actors in them cos I never get to watch them in anything. I almost always spend the next 20 mins or so while we get ready for bed trying to get Marc to tell me everything I missed. Hes given up telling me anything anymore.

Anyway the reason Im telling you that is that if you are fasting overnight till mid afternoon, you need to give up your day job, get some zopiclone, get ear plugs and and eye mask and black out curtains to sleep your mornings away cos I cant see how a person who has terrible will power can possibly succeed on this diet. . Some people say the fasting period is easy - it depends on your sleeping patterns and time you start work for sure. Its definately not easy if you do get up at 4 or 5am and are used to having breakfast at 5am, post workout meal at 8am, morning tea at 10.30 am and lunch at 12.30. Thats 4 meals missed that I used to have which Im nothaving any more cos I'm are only eat from 2pm onwards. So since I dont feel like eating after my dinner ( cos Im not used to it, and I am underdoing my calories and protein requirements ( I should be getting a protien shake before 8pm but the 2 meals although not big, do fill me up) I am changing my fasting times.
Current time is 18 hour fast, eating window from 2pm - 8pm
New time from today 18 hour fast still - eating window from 1 - 7pm
I think that will be perfect for me.

Ok so I'm literally drooling over anything my false teeth can chomp thru and this ungrateful little b....tch turns her nose up at her food!
She doesnt know it yet but tomoro shes F....g well IF'ing.


The following pic is a photo I posted about 10 -12 years ago ( I have been blogging since back then so Im not new comer to this at all) I was blogging back in the days of Bebo! Back then there were very few bloggers in NZ in the fitness industry and definately no female bodybuilders. I used to get alot of flack about blowing my own trumpet etc but really it was to inspire, teach, trying to show the feminine side of bodybuilding, and to let people experience the level of everything it took me to be successful in my sport.
I was taking selfies before they came fashion to show woman how my body looked all year round and how it changed at competition time just to prove that I didnt look like a so called freak 12 months of the year. I used to have to pretend people were taking them for me as I would appear vain and high and mighty. I used to get messages saying they didnt want to look like me. Well I didnt want them to either. I took my sport to my limit to win, and that was my goal. But I wanted to promote woman using weight training to change their phsiques. I was wanting them to recognise that by using bodybuilding principles they could change their bodies to whatever they wanted, but getting that message out there meant I took a few beatings of my self confidence through the messages from the haters. I would blog about my family, my training, my clients, my sex life everything and cover all kinds of private funny woman stuff.
I posted this photo once and got hate messages cos I was seen as promoting undereating as a way to lose weight. These critics did not know me at all. It was a pic inserted in my blog as a joke as I intended my blogs to be informative, show my personality and be fun. Now that social media is huge, I know that most of what I write will be taken in the context it is written - Thank so much for reading. I love writing for you and sharing some of my experiences from long ago, yesterday or today

12507584 10153946947190337 2887079199267849085 n I got in to some controversy a long time ago with this photo for promoting poor eating habits. As a joke I threaded mixed veges on a toothpick as I had written a blog about being hungry lol. People would just laugh now a days.

P.S   Please note I really dont have false teeth or overgrown vaginal carpet although Marc would probably prefer 1 of them and not the other.   


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