Day 7 - Intermittent Fasting Experiment

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Its about time I finished writing this blog.  Its now Day 12 and I havent had a spare minute up until now to my Day 7 blog but here it is.
I survived my 18/6 -  7 day fasting experiment and I am now up to Day 12.  Not only do I like the way I look, but I love the way I feel, apart from maybe the final few hours before I get to eat my first meal but its very bareable and definately worth the result. Those final fasting hours  are not too bad really but I do hang out for my meal but I damn well appreciate it far more than I used to. At day 7 I was feeling and looking lighter and visually you can see more definition than Day 1. At Day 7 I know for a fact I have never taken so many selfies before in my life,  certainly with my clothes on that is..  

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So 2.2kgs lower on the scales than when I started but I feel 5 kgs lighter.  

Somebody said  "Oh yeah but your standing different" & "Well how much muscle did you lose".  But to answer both of those I could stand on my head and I would still look visually  lighter.  Im not pulling in my tummy, not posing or flexing - Im displaying my legs in Pic 2 so you can see that they have obviously gained a little more definition.
I have been bodybuilding for a long time so if I had chosen to really flex  then you would definatley see a difference as I could make my waist look even more tiny in the way I pose. I'm in no way trying to make things appear better or more appealing to you readers in an attempt to sell plans. I am trialling a way of eating which clients have asked me about and this way of eating  is something I had never in my career ever attempted to do up until now.  

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7 days - 2.2kgs down.  Not sure about my muscle mass.  Marc was away when I started this diet and he didnt do my bodyfat before he left but he did use his special bodyfat testing probe while I was in a horizontel position  when he got home. 
I never get the result though, but I think he did!!! 

Over the 7 days there was only one day where I felt literally sick to my tummy just for a few minutes but the rest of the time I was pretty good. My energy levels were awesome,  no tiredness in the afternoons and everything seemed to go without a hitch. However I did not manage to fit in my normal macros any day of the 7.  Some days I only hit 1000. There was no excessive cardio! In fact   I only cardio'ed for 1 day of the 7 but I trained every morning but Sunday.  This worked for me as I was very busy with work plus my admin load was crazy that week (and this week to tell the truth) so I was very happy to experiment and drop my cardio.  

For those wondering about my food.   It wasnt anything special.   Some people do intermittent fasting and eat what they want. Good food, shit food, whatever they can get.  I still always eat clean.  I'm not a junk food eater. I would rather eat clean any day so my choice of meals were definately the same as what I would eat if I were not intermittent dieting.  Protein is always my priority, followed by fat, then lastly carbs. Im not a big carb eater and prefer being on a Keto plan daily. 

I have to add that in regards to fluid,   I would drink at least 1.5 litres of water before 10am-11am and I would of devoured 3 coffees by then also.  Once midday hits I dont usually  need any more coffee so I drink water or herbal teas.   I also dont take any fitness supplements at any time -  no bcaa's or preworkouts  or fat burners ( havent taken any of those for years) so my workouts were not different to how they would be if not trialling this plan.  

bum bum 4Capture.PNGbum bumGlute Training:  I love training so much.   I do my training early morning so that my work day doesnt interfere with getting my workout in. Somedays work has to take priority but I get my training in at another time during the day. Leg and glute training is my favourite. I would do them everyday if I could. Never too late to build the butt. 

My eating schedule 
I would have my first meal,  rice cereal at 2pm.  This would be 1/2 cup of dry rice, cereal,  1/2 cup of berries,  protein powder and 1 tbsp of slivered almonds.  A couple of days I had 1 tbsp of full cream milk on it which was gorgeous but didnt bother after a couple of days.  Next meal  I would get in either a Titan ready to drink or some peanut butter around 4 or 5ish before heading back to work then my evening meal would be chicken, fish or steak or even pocket tuna before my 8pm cut off.   Some nights I was hungry for dinner and others not at all. The first few days  I virtually struggled to eat after my 2.00pm breakfast meal so after a few days I cut my rice cereal down to 1/4 of a cup, and 1/4 cup of berries and starved those days.  

So the perfect thing plan for me  was make the 1/2 cup of rice cereal and 1/2 cup of berries etc, eat half at 2.00pm and the other half whenever I felt like it which is what I have been doing up until now.  This way suits me perfectly.  

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rice flakes
If your not using MyFitnessPal or a similiar app to track your macros and calories, then you are really doing yourself a disfavour. Its the only way to ensure what you are doing is right.   You can add so many calories throughout your day by randomnly picking, by not weighing and by not facing up to the truth of what you have eaten.   Grams matter,  1/4 of a cup versus half a cup = double calories..  


33642819 10156524290375337 1086633924253188096 nTraining makes you feel good,  gives you confidence and can change your whole physique when done correctly.
Balance weight training, cardio + food and your on the way to looking and feeling how you deserve to feel. 

To wrap this up for today, I am continueing on the plan.  Today is Day 12.  I have stuck to the plan so far apart from adding some Texas chicken in last night and a trumpet and there may of been an unfilled panini thrown in there as well lol. Totally not worth the calories as I would of preferred a big plate of prawns or salmon so there you go..  early morning regrets
But I love this way of eating. I know its not for everybody but if you are not food focused meaning, constantly thinking off food  or if you are already "Hunger trained" then it could be for you short term or long term.  I know I would definately recommend it for the client who may want a quick fix for an occasion coming up or to kick start them prior to another plan.  

Oh I have 2 clients who started this plan for their own trials during the week.   They have been keeping me up to date and they have both been  fine with it so far.  They both should be on day 4 or 5 now.  It will be interesting to see how they have done over the weekend as they are both Mums who own their own business's so they are busy woman. 

Until mid week,
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