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I first started working with Jo (aka the buns and guns of Auckland) over 10 years ago, she was the inspiration for me turning what was a growing interest at a young age to what is now my biggest passion in life. Jo is the most inspirational and amazing personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. Her knowledge, passion, zest, support and ability to motivate her clients is unmatched. Whilst I’ve studied Personal training and have been training for numerous years now, I’m forever learning something new with Jo – her knowledge and experience is second to none. After travelling abroad and meeting many different trainers, it further cemented how exceptional Jo is. Even when I’ve lived on the other side of the world and travelled back home to visit family in NZ, I always ensure I make time to train with Jo. She is truly irreplaceable. Jo’s encouragement and support will see you push through to new levels, each session is always different so you’ll never get bored , her positive energy and zest will have you feeling positively charged after each session.. Don’t get me wrong, prepare yourself to work harder and smarter than you ever have, but don’t worry too much, Jo’s sense of humor makes working hard lots of fun and laughs along the way (it’s not just your buns of steel that makes me love training with you). Thank you for all the laughs, learnings, muscles and awesome memorable sessions we have had, but most of all thank you for introducing me to the world of training and fitness , you are truly the best! x


Kaz Donnelly

Jo was my Trainer for a number of bodybuilding comps. I placed 2nd on my 3rd appearance. It was totally due to the guidance and support of the amazing Jo. She was literally there for me all the way to comp day. I've also worked in the industry for some years, including in the same gym as Jo. She is professional, inspiring, highly experienced, motivating, loves her work and is a real good sort. You want a Trainer? You want Jo!


Damien Garrett


I first meet Jo when I attended the NZFBB Auckland champs in June 30th of 2007 which my first ever bodybuilding comp that I attended.When I did meet Jo I thought it was very cool meeting one of New Zealand' greatest female bodybuilders and at that same show getting some spunky and cool gym gears as well.When I go to Auckland each year I always look forward to catching up with Jo and training at Wolfs gym which is a awesome and cool gym to train at.It is a great preavlege to be friends with one of New Zealands greatest female bodybuilder and if there was a New Zealand bodybuilding Hall of fame.Jo would have my vote for being in the hall of fame for being a great ambassador for a sport which I have a huge passion for and being a huge fan of the sport as well.Jo you rock and thanks very much for being such a awesome and great friend.


Cath Gibson


Cath is a very successful personal trainer in Napier at The Arena Gym in Pettigrew and has competed herself many times. Until she makes her comeback she is training females for competition and for all aspects of fitness.

I've been seeing Jo Stewart for my pre/post competition nutritional advice since May 2006.

I saw her website advertised in a fitness magazine along with her photos and thought "she looks amazing...I need to contact this lady!" A couple of months later I hit the Stewart household for a "Muscle Weekend" a fantastic way for all competitors to kick start their goals for the year and I'd recommend it to anyone. (Book in a massage on Monday though cause those muscles are sore afterwards!)

The great thing about Jo is everything she advises just "makes sense". I trust her 100% and know she'd never risk my health just to get me on stage – she makes sure all her diets are as safe and manageable as possible so I have heaps of energy for hard training.

People have asked me what are the things I've learnt from seeing Jo and I'd have to say the 4 major things are:

If you're willing to put in the commitment and effort you can do well in bodybuilding and stay completely natural.

Women can grow some serious muscle but still look like a "woman" All Jo's girls look elegant and professional on the competition weekend – right from registration on the Friday through to the evening show.

You don't have to eat chicken and broccoli for 16 weeks to come in lean...there's heaps of yummy options.

And finally to have a bit of fun with this sport – you don't have to walk around the gym for half the year looking like you could kill somebody just because you've decided to "compete"!

So Jo – thank you so much for all your wisdom, patience and advice...you know your stuff for sure and I'd recommend you to anybody wanting to get that buzz of getting on that stage!

Yours in Health & Fitness

Cath Gibson

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