Frequently Asked Questions - Training


There's a few options here:

  • Plan to do this split on your next weight training day and schedule to train on a day you  would usually train to resynchronise
  • Skip this split and work a mixed split into your next training day as a super-set. For example if you missed chest and your next workout is legs then work the two together one exercise after the other from each program (superset)
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A super-set is where you combine two different exercises and treat them as one exercise with one set after the other. There is minimal rest time between the different exercises.

Gaining muscle mass results in your metabolism increasing as they body will burn more calories per hour just to function.

We can lose weight two ways:

  1. We can diet it off which eventually means the body is eventualy going to go into defence mode and hold onto the fat you are trying to lose or
  2. We can raise our lean muscle mass by weight training and watching our diet.

The huge benefit of weight training is we can add to our muscle which means the skin is going to be filling out as we lose weight rather than our skin loosen as we lose weight. With a perfect combination of weights, cardio and sound nutrition you can sculpt the body slowly with brilliant results.

The answer to that is you can control how you want to look – lean and defined or bulked up and that is definitely determined by the food you eat.

If you eat higher calories than your body requires, or eat your food groups incorrectly – for example a diet higher in carbs than protein, then you will more than likely bulk up.

If you balance your protein, carbohydrates and fats perfectly to the amounts your own body requires then you will have a sculpted body. This is why getting tailor made nutrition and exercise programme is perfect.

No this does not happen exactly how it sounds!

What does happen is the muscle mass reduces after a short period of time and because you have reduced your muscle mass by not training, the metabolism will slow down accordingly, which can result in added body fat if you are still eating the same amount of calories. If still exercise by cardio only, you will notice a slow decline of muscle, however you can add in body weight exercises or pump classes at your gym and you will retain a lot of it.

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