BodyByJo - Jo Stewart

Terms and Conditions for Clients


BodyByJoResponsibilities :

Will perform as a personal trainer/coach/nutritionist in instruction, motivation, planning and body assessment.  

Will hold a professional service and advice to the best of my educated and experienced ability.

Wherever possible give 12 hours notice of changes in scheduled appointments and whenever possible reschedule the appointment to a time that suits both parties.  

Will provide aid and assistance to the best of my ability throughout a scheduled workout,

Will be on time and prompt for scheduled appointments


Client Responsibilities

Will inform me of any health conditions that may affect any advice or instruction that can be given.

Will inform me of any changes in one’s health condition that may affect advice or instruction given.

Will adhere to the facility rules and guidelines whilst taking part in a scheduled session.

Agree that all programming (training and/or nutrition ) remains the property of BodyByJo - Jo Stewart, and shall not be shared or duplicated for other individuals use.

Will maintain good personal hygiene practices and will have a clean towel for each workout

Will be on time for scheduled appointments and sessions

Agree to the scheduling and pricing section below

Messaging and phone calls must all be made  before 8pm at night and not after 5pm Saturdays unless urgent and not Sunday at any hour.


Scheduling and Pricing

24 hours forward notice is required for all cancellations or requests for change of times on all appointments. Failure to do so will incur a full cost of $25.00 ( exceptions to this Strict Policy are at my decretion)

No shows OR cancellations without the above required forward notice will incur the full cost of the session/appointment and or the loss of that particular “Pre Paid Session”.

PERMANENT WEEKLY SESSIONS must be prepaid in order to hold your permanent time.
Late cancellations ( less than 12 hours) will incur the full cost of the session and permanently booked clients will only be fitted into another time to if it suits my schedule and other clients bookings.  In the event of 2 sessions being cancelled in succession, your weekly time slot will be offered to a client on the waiting list.   

All casual appointments  must be paid on booking of the appointment. Permanent weekly booked time slots will be paid x 4 up front sessions. ($300.00) Fornightly time slots are available but weekly permanent times slots will be given 1st preference.  No OnTick arrangements will be provided for any client.  


All Non Members of the facility (Gym) must pay the required Casual Rate $10.00 prior to any training to be done ( this is not a cost to incurred by me as I work separate from the facility)

*** Please note that total nutrition/programme rewrites are charged a fee of $75.00 and do not include a training session unless the client is a permanent weekly client when which a programme and nutrition plan will be discussed and a mock up made during your 60 min appointment and we will train when time does allow. I do not do complete rewrites of nutriiton and training programmes as part of your paid 60 mins training sessions.
PERSONAL TRAINERS need to be aware that pricing is up to my descretion for the amount of work I do for you and knowledge I share with you and any sharing of my documents in any way is absolutely prohibited.


Nutrition Appts

1st Nutrition Consult (including body fat test, progress pics, goal setting and full personalised nutrition plan) is $150.00 which is to be paid on receipt of your client questioneer prior to your 1st appointment.
All follow up appointments are scheduled with 6 prepaid 30 minute appointments at a cost of $240.00 on booking of the first follow-up appointment.   
 Appointments must be made every two weeks for 12 weeks and must be completed by Week 14.  Missed fortnightly appointments will not be available after the 14 week mark..  



Incorporate both strength training and cardiovascular training into your fitness regime with a programme tailored to you.

Programmes generally run over 6 weeks and are evaluated and progress as needed.


Programme: 1 to 3 day split based on level of experience.

  • 30-45 Min consult – ( this does not include nutrition or body fat composition testing)
  • Exercises to complete based on split and level of experience of the client
  • Approximate weight ranges with the option of photos attached 
  • Programme emailed on completion or within 48 hours

Contact me about this package

Intensive programs - $250.00 - One on One appointment 

  • Body Fat Composition testing with follow up results and chart
  • Before photos
  • Full nutrition plan designed around the foods suitable to you
  • Weight training programmes
  • Basic cardio plan
  • Programme includes any number of days required by the client but not including a physical training session to go over the 

Contact me about this programme


  • Body Fat Composition
  • Before photos
  • Full nutrition plan designed around the foods suitable to you
  • Weight training programmes
  • Basic cardio plan
  • Programme includes 4-6 day split
  • One on one personal training session covering execution of unfamiliar exercises on your programme Training session must be booked within 7 days of the Initial consult date
  • Weight ranges set for specific exercises
  • Provide your own phone for photos of exercises for future reference

*Casual entry fee will apply - $10.00 

Contact me about this programme


I also specialise in Female glute  training/abdominal programmes and can develop the ultimate programme for you. Either emailed to you $75.00 per programme or as a personal training session $75.00 for 60 mins Casual entry fee will apply

Contact me about this programme


Options include:

  • 60 minute session Per Person: 1 hour $75.00 (X 2 people -$110 ) ( casual entry fee will apply - $10.00 per person)
  • 10 trip concession $650.00 + 1 free session (casual fee will apply) 
  • 5 x trip concession - $350 (casual fee will apply 

Discount is offered depending on the amount of training session booked per week on a regular basis

To go over a current Programme designed by myself or $75.00 for a full hour ( Casual entry fee will apply) - Photos can be on your own phone

Contact me about personal training

Programme changes to your own plan and your own PERSONAL VIDEO of all exercises

$100.00 per programme – I put at least 10 seconds of video footage per new exercise of you performing all your new exercises and put it together on one video which can be downloaded onto your phone..


First Consultation - $150.00

Includes body fat measurements, body fat composition, before photos and nutrition plan – you must fill out a questioner sent by email before the first appointment. 
Follow up body fat assessments are $40.00 for 30 mins appointment including progress pics 
All casual follow up measurements and revision or rewrites  of nutrition plan + photos - $75.00 per 30 min appointment

Please do not ask me for full complete new diet plans nor training programmes at this session without knowing the pricing previously. They do not come for free.

Contact me about this programme


Competition Training and Nutrition - In person 

1st package $300.00 includes:

  • Physique assessment
  • Body fat assessment
  • Before photos
  • Nutrition plan
  • Training programme
  • Goal contest date

All follow ups leading up to the final competition week . $75.00 per hour.
The client must be available for 1 x training session per week from 12 weeks out from competition until 6 weeks out then 2 x per week is requireed until competition – Please note I support Nabba/Wff.  Clients must invest with me for training, nutrition and posing.  There will be no outside help required. 

Contact me about competition training and nutrition


$100.00 . To be paid at the final meeting before the decarb begins.

Contact me about nutrition plans


My competitors are supported on the important day if we have a "BodyByJo" team at that event. The price for the day is $250.00 which is a one of payment from the team that is competing or a single competitor.  The team can divide the $250.00 between the whole team. Tickets for entry must also be taken care off to both the prejudging and finals.   In events where where travel and accomodation is required, then the team will put in for this also.  I cannot go to every show therefore this support is offered for a limited no of shows per year.


$75.00 per hour at Wolfs Gym. No entry fee is required as we will not be using the gym equipment.

Contact me about posing and choreography  



Nutrition plan: $150.00  depending on the amount of work required for the plan - Plans include Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Macro balanced plans, Vegeratarian, Gluten free, Paleo. 

Nutrition plan + programme $300.00  Please write to me and enquire about pricing according to the type of training split you are wanting or nutrition plan worked around allergies and preferances 

These documents are based on the answered questionaire which is  emailed to you on request .

The nutrition is based around your lean mass so if possible you would need to get a body fat test done by a personal trainer in your current gym. I will work your plan around the foods you like within reason, the amount of weight you wish to lose and your time schedule and availability of exercise equipment you have at home or at a gym

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